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Hints on Playland’s 2020 Season


News on the fate of Rye Playland’s 2020 season is expected soon.

In his daily COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday (full report to be published soon), Rye Guy and County Boss George Latimer said the county was getting close to an answer on whether Playland Park will open for a 2020 season. If an opening happens, the county has already said it would be July 20th at the earliest, drastically cutting the park’s season.

Further, Latimer speculated that Playland “may not have fireworks at all” referring to the park’s weekly fireworks show. The county already announced there will be no July 4th fireworks at Playland. One option being looked at is a “close out” Labor Day fireworks. It “may be the best that can be done,” said Latimer.

The opening of the Playland pool is another area of speculation. There is money set aside for the re-construction of the pool, and if opening county pools is not an option, Latimer speculated that perhaps the re-construction project would start earlier than planned.

The third part of the puzzle is Playland beach, and Latimer reported the opening of the beach this past weekend “functioned pretty well” although the weather likely kept crowds away. They intend to open the beach again this weekend.

The speculative comments seemed to be setting an expectation that much of Rye Playland will remain closed for the 2020 season. Expect more concrete news as soon as later this week.


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