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Latimer Takes Out from Poppy’s

One guy who is super busy these days is Rye guy and County Executive George Latimer. He is zipping around the county, giving all of us COVID-19 updates, coordinating distribution of protective gear and thinking about how and when we open again.

George and his wife Robin found time to get takeout on Sunday from Poppy’s Cafe on Purchase Street. The folks at Jay Heritage caught the two enjoying a masked moment.

Latimer at Poppy's via Jay Heritage 05-03-2020 Tweet


  1. Seeing the Latimers in front Poppy’s Cafe makes you realize that Poppy’s, one of oldest establishments in Rye, is what makes Rye special.


  2. George and Robin are part of the backbone of our town.
    They are very special to all of the people here .
    Rye is an amazing city as evidenced by the outpouring of love for our graduates this past Sunday !🥰 Isabelle


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