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Shenorock Tennis Director Pay Drops 90% in Sweep of Pandemic

In another example of the financial devastation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shenorock Shore Club’s tennis director told tennis.com she expects a 90% drop in pay:

Tennis Lisa Dodson 1“Recent events have hit the world of tennis instruction with tsunami-like fury. Morgan Shepherd, an independent teacher based in El Cerrito, Calif., has gone from teaching 20-25 hours a week of private lessons to zero. Chuck Kuhle, general manager and director of tennis at the Decatur Athletic Club (Ill.) and employed there for 40 years, has filed for unemployment for the first time in his life. Lisa Dodson, tennis director at Shenrock Country Club in Rye, N.Y., estimates that in April and May she will earn 90 percent less money than usual.”

Dodson is no slouch. She has been a WTA player with a world ranking of #270 in singles and has directed tennis programs at clubs in New York, Connecticut, Florida and California.

Tennis Lisa Dodson 2 ServeMaster

Most interesting is Dodson is the inventor of the ServeMaster, a tennis training tool that can be used on your own to improve your serve. You don’t need a court, a ball or another player. Sounds perfect for social distancing, check it out:

You can order it here.

And read the rest of the tennis.com article.


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