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Stolen Ford Explorer from Rye Involved in Deadly Police Chase

On April 14th, the Rye PD warned residents to take measures to prevent vehicle thefts in our community. Simple things like not leaving your keys in your car and locking up vehicles at night.

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Just three weeks later, a Ford Explorer was stolen from a Rye resident and subsequently involved in a deadly police chase in East Haven, Connecticut. “On May 7th we took an early morning report from a resident that their vehicle had been stolen sometime overnight,” Rye Police Department Lt Mike Anfuso told MyRye.com Wednesday.

“Detectives utilized the Ford pass app and tracked the vehicle traveling north in Connecticut. When we had the vehicle tracking stationary in East Haven, CT we contacted them and gave them the location of our stolen vehicle. As you can see from their news article the attempted traffic stop did not go well.”

While being pursued by East Haven police, the juvenile driving the stolen Explorer struck another vehicle, killing the driver. More details from WTHN New Haven:

“EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A woman died Sunday after being involved in a crash Thursday in East Haven with a stolen vehicle, according to the East Haven Police Department, (EHPD)…

On Thursday at approximately 9:22 a.m. the Rye, New York Police Department contacted EHPD to let them know they were tracking a stolen Ford Explorer through the FordPass App and the vehicle was in EHPD’s jurisdiction.

Rye PD reported to EHPD the SUV had been stolen from their town at around 4 a.m. Thursday and the suspects in possession of the vehicle were possibly in possession of a handgun.

Rye PD continued to provide location updates as EHPD officers moved towards the vehicle’s location.

Officers spotted the stolen Ford Explorer in the area of Gerrish Avenue and attempted to initiate a motor vehicle stop. The vehicle disregarded officer’s signal to stop and proceeded eastbound on Dodge Avenue to Hemingway Avenue, according to a police report. The vehicle continued northbound on Hemingway Avenue and struck a vehicle driven by Laspino at the intersection of Hemingway Avenue and Main Street.”

Read the full story.

And lock your vehicles!


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