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Zooming In On Rye City Council Backgrounds

council zoom 1

(PHOTO: Rye City Council or Hollywood Squares?)

You’ve never been on so many video conference calls in your life.

But one of the joys of passing time on a video call is to consider each participant’s video background. There is the faux background, the house beautiful background, the I’m in an underground bunker background and so many more. Since so few of us actually get dressed for work anymore, the video background is your new personal statement.

Not being able to resist, and in the spirit of good fun, we thought we’d assess the “backgrounds” of Rye City Council members.

#1 Rye Mayor Josh Cohn

Kilroy was here. Lawyer comfortable in a professional setting.

Mayor Josh Cohn on Zoom

#2 Councilwoman Pam Tarlow

I want to be somewhere else. 3,000 miles from here. In the clouds.

Councilwoman Pam Tarlow on Zoom

#3 Councilman Richard Mecca

I also want to be somewhere else. 2,411 miles to Zion National Park.

Councilman Richard Mecca on Zoom

#4 City Manager Greg Usry

Tied with Julie Souza for the “leaning in award”. “Do you see how busy I am?” desk shot.

City Manager Greg Usry

#5 City Councilwoman Julie Souza

Tied with Greg Usry for the “leaning in award”. Where is the GO BLUE paraphernalia? I’m reporting you to alumni relations.

Councilwoman Julie Souza on zoom

#6 City Councilman Ben Stack

“Tell me everything” background. Clearly married to a therapist and using her office for the meeting. Place looks so damn calm!

Councilman Ben Stacks on zoom

#7 City Councilwoman Sara Goddard

Mother Earth is my background – 100% sustainable & reusable from meeting-to-meeting.

Councilwoman Sara Goddard on zoom

#8 City Councilwoman Carolina Johnson

On-air, and on high ground. Ready to go live from the USA, Japan, Columbia or Indian Village.

Councilwoman Carolina Johnson on zoom


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