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Rye Mayor Says “Youths Don’t Get It” on COVID Precautions

In his lastest COVID-19 update, Rye Mayor Josh Cohn is saying the young people in Rye are not paying proper attention to the safety protocols we all need to follow to be safe from the coronavirus pandemic. He is imploring parents to speak with their children and reaching out to groups who have influence with our younger citizens.

Rye Memorial Day 2020 v4 Josh Cohn, Mayor of Rye
Josh Cohn, Mayor of Rye

“Most of us have heard about the Chappaqua (and environs) spike resulting from a high school graduation and related parties at which mask/distancing conventions were not observed, and many of us are seeing many others of us ignoring those same conventions,” Cohn said in his update, published Wednesday.

“It is becoming universally conceded that many of our own, highly regarded, intelligent and compassionate youths don’t get it. I am reaching out separately to those in our community with special ties to our young adults to see what can be done in an organized way to effectively convey the vital message that we are all in this together. Ultimately, however, I must ask each parent to suspend native confidence in his/her children’s common sense long enough to impress on them, yet again, that they too can get sick and that they too can get each other, and perhaps many others, sick. I don’t believe for a minute that any of them want that, despite how forgetful they may become when with their friends.”

Now mask-up, step six feet back, and go wash your hands.


  1. Thank you to the mayor for a belated and much needed reminder to parents to impart to their children the clear message that a cavalier attitude toward COVID-19 could actually cause the death of someone. Too many adults, however, act as carelessly as their children and it’s inexcusable and shameful. Stop partying, stay home (but not with a dozen of your friends) and be an example to all. COVID-19 is not gone or going anywhere any time soon. Live responsibly.


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