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Police Blotter: Crossing the Line, Making Waves, Tree-d

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

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Crossing the Line. August 14. Oakland Beach. Resident reports yellow tape blocking access to several driveways. Large limb on wires IFO __ Hix. Spoke to both houses affected and advised them to simply lift police line when and if needed.

Making Waves. August 14. Milton Harbor. Observed vessel bearing CT registration ____BC making a wake in mooring field at entrance of Milton Harbor. Vessel stopped. Warning issued. See Boarding Report.

What a Haul. August 14. Glendale Road. U-Haul Truck backed up to the residence. The owners are away on vacation Spoke with caller who got in touch with the neighbors. The Brother in law is staying the night before continuing south.

Lower the Volume. August 14. White Birch Drive. Report of a loud party. Spoke to homeowner, music was turned off and party was advised to move indoors.

Spaced the Parking Space. August 15. Rye PD HQ. Party can not remember where they parked their car NY J______ located in front of 11 Elm Place. Car 12 provided a courtesy transport from HQ to 11 Elm PL to reunited owner and vehicle.

Suspicious Kayaker. August 15. Hen Island / Milton Harbor. Trespasser on Hen Island. Described as a m/w red bathing suit with a white bucket hat. Operating a red Kayak. PB1 dispatched. PB1 reports no on the island matching that description.

Sinking Feeling. August 15. Oakland Beach / Pine Island. WCPD reports kayak taking on water off Pine Island. OV Call: Made contact with kayakers off Pine Island. Kayak in tow being assisted by Oakland Beach rental operator. No further assistance needed.

Rye PD Police Boat PB1

(PHOTO: Rye PD boat “PB-1” patrols between Greenhaven and Hen Island on Saturday, August 15, 2020)

Reunited. August 16. Greenhaven Beach. Party states his 15 year old son stated he was going to swim to AYC. Last seen wearing a yellow life jacket. Left from Greenhaven Beach. Party located by PB1 and transported to AYC where he was reunited with his father.

Buoying the Buoy. August 17. Milton Harbor. Buoy Maintenance. Milton Harbor Outer speed buoy (east side) out of position. Moved back into proper position.

Rocky Encounter. August 17. Buoy 36, Long Island Sound. PB1 and PB2 responding to vessel in distress. Buoy 36 PB2 responded to VHF ch 16 request for assistance. Caller stated they were alone on a disabled sailboat in vicinity of Buoy 36 (Port Chester / Greenwich area). Caller stated the building storm had damaged his sails and he was heading for rocks. Upon arrival PB2 (BC Carcano) found a single occupant on the sailboat adrift. The operator stated he did not have an anchor. PB2 took the vessel undo tow so as to keep it pointed into the wind and a slow its progress towards rocks. PB1 arrived on scene (Sgt. Rossi / PO Jones) to provide backup assistance. As storm passed, PB2 was able to tow vessel to mid-Sound and meetup with Nassua County Marine Unit 5. NCPD Unit 5 took the vessel under tow and returned to Glen Cove NY. Due to heavy weather and risk conditions, no pedigree information was obtained from Vessel owner.

That Blows. August 18. Dearborn Avenue / Overlook Place. caller reports multiple leaf blowers in use at location. both crews using leaf blowers were advised that the ban was back in effect.

Tree-d. August 20. Car Park 1. Tree Down. caller reports a large tree limb onto a car. car 12 and dpw sent. Left business card with report # on windshield. Pictures on post 2 phone. Foreman Casterella and tree crew on scene.

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