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Police Blotter: Nickel and Dimed, Hit and Runner, Not Prime, Foreshadowing

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

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Nickel and Dimed. July 29. Wainwright Street. Caller reports that her coin collection has gone missing.

Can’t Be Goosed. July 29. Theall Road / PLayland Access Drive. Animal Complaints-Other. caller reports a dead goose in roadway. car 16 sent. goose moved to side of road.

Spreader. July 29. 220 Purchase St. NYS violation of Covid-19 Governor directives. warning notice issued and delivered by car 18. WARNING ISSUES TO FRONT DESK SECRETARY, SHE ADVISED THAT SHE WILL CONTACT THE OWNER OF THE BUSINESS.

Hit and Runner. July 30. Manursing Way / Van Renssalear Road. Personal Injury Caller reports over 911 of a runner who was hit by a car. Injury to runner’s foot. All parties on location. Just before the beach clubs on Manursing Way.

Ricky Hit’in the Sauce? July 30. Florence Avenue. Caller states large Raccoon is staggering around in the neighborhood. cars 12 and 16 sent. OBSERVED THE ANIMAL STAGGER INTO THE WOODS WESTBOUND OF COOLIDGE. (He may have been here earlier in the evening.)

Do You Not Read MyRye.com? LOCK YOUR CAR! July 31. Walnut Street. Larceny from Motor Vehicle COMP STATES LARCENY FROM VEHICLE. CAR 12 DISP Incident Reactivated. statement and owners deposition taken.

Oy! Harder Than It Should Be: Remove All Children Before Locking Your Car. July 31. Hunter Lane / Sunset Lane. RESIDENT LOCKED KEYS IN VEHICLE WITH TODDLER IN IT. RYE FD & CAR 18 DISP Rye Fire on scene upon arrival. T.O.T. Rye FD.

Turn Down for What? July 31st. Mead Place. LOUD PARTY IN ABOVE AREA. CARS 12 & CARS 11 BACKED 12 advised to lower music, complied.

Not Prime. August 2. Milton Road. Caller is the gate guard at the above complex and is having an issue with an Amazon driver. She reports that the driver is out in the street yelling at her. Misunderstanding due to language barrier.

Not Ideal. August 4. Locust Avenue / Purchase Street. Suspicious Person. caller reports male dressed in robes soliciting. cars 12 and 14 sent. religious parties preaching their ideals, were advised they needed to wear a mask if they were going to enter private businesses.

Foreshadowing. August 4. Halstead Place. tree about to fall on house. tot dpw.

STOP (the bureaucracy). August 5. I-287 / Midland Avenue. As per Sgt, the traffic light is out at the end of the I95 ramp in front Marriott and vehicles coming of the highway are not stopping. Called NYSP Thruway – spoke with Mr Burke and requested stop sign – received a call back from Thruway stating that they do not have stop sign and that the local jurisdiction provides those – Contact Rye DPW Foreman who states that he is not allowed to put signs on state property and also that our signs has been exhausted from use throughout the city.

Branching, May Be Out. August 5. Locust Lane. female caller states tree branch fell on her husband husband is conscious and alert does not want to move tree branch unsure how bad husband is hurt.

Temperature Check? August 6. Rye Road. Sick Raccoon.

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