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Rye Advisor to Ultra Wealthy Providing Counsel from His Backyard

Peter Rukeyser, UBS Financial Services

Rye resident and UBS Advisor to the ultra-wealthy Peter Rukeyser is providing counsel to clients in his backyard. It is his way to stay in touch with and provide service to his clients.

“I’ve started to invite them to my backyard. We sit outside on chairs 10 feet apart; I order in dinner, and we have some nice wine,” Rukeyser told ThinkAdvisor in a recent interview. “People are really craving a human connection. They need almost an emotional timeout from the 24-hour news cycle about COVID and the market [volatility].”

Peter Rukeyser backyard - Phillips Lane
Records show Rukeyser lives on Phillips Lane with expansive views of the Long Island Sound. Apparently he shows clients how to find gold at the end of this rainbow.

Rukeyser is the nephew of the longtime TV host Louis Rukeyser of Wall $treet Week. ThinkAdvisor reports Rukeyser and his partners run $4.5 billion is assets from three billionaire families and 17 other families worth $100 million or more.

You’ll need $25 million minimum to become a client. “The common theme is that all the families are rich,” Rukeyser told Think Advisor.


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