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Latimer: County Boss or Sports Columnist?

George Latimer sports columnist

We all have friends that are sports fanatics, and among that group there is always one or two that secretly or not so secretly would like to be a sports columnist. Maybe we should put Rye guy and county boss George Latimer in that group.

In a social media post late Saturday night, Latimer lamented the poor state of affairs among his teams–the Jets, Knicks and Mets. “These teams I root for wallow in losing,” says Latimer, and “management is simply not committed to win.”

Latimer’s full commentary:

“Sports Update

JETS lose third straight blowout loss to start the year 0-3.

J-E-T-S Just End The Season. Five decades of inferior results and we’re off to another cataclysm. They haven’t even been in the Super Bowl in over 50 years. Shameful.

And the KNICKS shouldn’t even START the season unless they intend to field an NBA team. I’m not convinced they could make the NCAA Final Four if they dropped down to collegiate b-ball. Decades of terrible play. Over 20 years since an NBA Final, 48 years since a championship.

And the Mets finished dead last in the NL East coming into the season with a Cy Young Pitcher and a HR leader. Great underperformance, gentlemen.

There is no reason for any NYC franchise to be so bad for so long. The money is there – attendance at the gate and TV broadcast money. Management is simply not committed to win. A bad year, or two, or three, but other teams have fully collapsed and rebuilt themselves and compete again, while these teams I root for wallow in losing.”



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