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Police Blotter: Animal Invasion; Oh Buoy; Filled One Tank, Emptied Another & More

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

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Must Have Been a Cat. September 3. Manursing Avenue. Assist Citizen. caller reports she thinks a passerby was trying to steal her dog. car 16 sent.

Maybe This Was a Cat Too. September 3. Sharon Lane. Assist Citizen. complainant states someone entered her backyard through a garden gate and appears to have smoked cigarettes in her backyard. car 18 sent.

Key Fact. September 3. Walnut Street. Criminal Mischief 3rd: Damage The Motor Vehicle Of Another Person. caller states someone keyed her husband’s car overnight. car 18 assigned.

We’ll Be There Between 1 – 5pm. September 3. Midland Avenue / Midland Avenue. Utility-Wire Down. Caller stated that a truck may have pulled down a cable/power line at the entrance to Rye Colony. cable wire down. wire moved out of entry way to rye colony. cable co. notified in regards.

Animal Invasion. September 3. Ridgewood Drive. Assist Citizen. assist party with animal stuck in her ceiling. Attempted to assist homeowner. Recommended to call an exterminator in the morning.

Did He Pay His Bill? September 3. Rye Town Park – Dog Park / Dearborn Avenue. Assist Citizen. party states he was locked inside restaurant. Restaurant closed early while occupant was in the bathroom. Party was able to exit the restaurant. Scene turned over to key holder.

Turn Down for What. September 4. Purchase Street. report of loud party in apt above The Pub. Parties were spoken to and music was lowered.

Checked Out. September 4. Courtyard Marriott, Midland Avenue. manager from the marriott is calling in a disoriented woman in the lobby, stated party was not communicating or understanding what staff was telling her, party is currently laying down in the lobby.

MM Buoy Milton Harbor Rye, NY

Oh Buoy. September 4. Milton Harbor. Responded to report of vessel disabled in area of MM buoy. 2 POB. Vessel taken under tow by PB2. Enroute City Marina. Vessel returned to Rye City Marina without incident.

BFD b/c of No PFD. Vessel Boarding. Port Chester Harbor. warning issued for insufficient PFDs. Voyage terminated.

A Camera On But the House is Unlocked? September 5. Stuyvesant Avenue. Suspicious Person.  The homeowner of the above residence states that he is out of town and that three parties walked onto his property and activated his RING camera. Responding units found no one on site upon arrival. A perimeter check found an unlocked door to the residence. Units conducted a search of the home with negative results. Home was secured and units left through a garage door. There were two doors to the residence which could not be locked due to mechanical reasons. No further incident.

Filled One Tank, Emptied Another. September 5. Theodore Fremd Avenue. Assist Rye Fire Department. Caller states that her friend is stuck in the bathroom of the Mobil gas station due to the lock being broken. Rye FD dispatched via 60 Control. FD was able to open the door. The party was ok.

Flat Out. September 6. New Street. Aided Case. caller states person lying on ground in front of above. EMS disp for intox person. greenwich.


Call Blocker. September 6. Purchase Street. Tree Down. Caller reports a tree down with branches in the power lines. She lives next to the Verizon Building. Sidewalk blocked with traffic horses and police tape. Dispatch notified. large piece of branch in wires. DPW corrected the issue.

Trash Panda Down. September 6. Midland Avenue / Playland Parkway. Animal Struck By MV. Caller reports an injured racoon, possibly hit by a MV in the area of Playland PWKY between Milton RD and Midland AVE. Animal is already deceased. WCDPW notified by PD Desk.

Sleep, Walker. September 7. Boston Post Road / Parson Street. Assist Citizen. caller reports female sleeping or passed out on wall, welfare check PARTY IS OKAY, TAKING A BREAK ON WALK, & ON HER WAY.

Waiting to Unload Noise. September 9. Old Post ROad. City Code Violation. Caller complains she can hear construction equipment being used prior to allowed start time. Caller states they are starting at 0630 everyday. No construction equipment being used. large truck that backed up into the job sit to make a delivery but is waiting until 0730 hrs to unload.


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