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Student Blogs @ Rye High, Pandemic Edition

Lesley Vlogger Rye Schools 1

(PHOTO: Rye High School vlogger, Lesley Lachman.)

We have our own reality show, and you didn’t even know it.

Rye High School has its own vlogger (that’s a video blogger).

Sophomore Lesley Lachman has been carrying a Canon PowerShot G7 X to capture her video blog when learning in school or learning remotely at home. “This is a very hard experience, this is a very sad experience,” Lachman says, speaking into the camera during one of her video blogs.

But, continuing, she says “I am happy to be back because it is what I missed and longed for so badly to come back to.”

Lesley Vlogger Rye Schools 2

Lesley’s mother Jacqueline said the idea came to Lesley when she was “up all night in August worried all night about returning to school.” Continuing on, Jacqueline Lachman quotes her daughter “what if I took the Anne Frank approach and captured what it was like every moment.”

Mom picked up the phone, called the News 12 assignment desk and handled the phone to her daughter. News 12 is now post the videos as part of an “education ambassador” editorial feature where they provide a glimpse into pandemic school across the metro area served by News 12.

Lesley Vlogger Rye Schools 3

(PHOTO: One of the benefits of remote learning is time with the family beagle.)

The family had to get special permission from the school due to security concerns. Demurring at first, the school switched directions and became supportive of the idea. Lesley shoots the video, and mom Jacqueline, who is a marketer professionally, does the editing.

Watch the vlogs:

Day 1, September 8th

Day 2, September 9th

Day 3, September 10th

Day 4, September 11th


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