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Daily COVID-19 Count: (1 New, 51 Active) 341 Positives in Rye; 1,498 Westchester Resident Deaths – Friday, November 20, 2020


Remember that Rye guy and Westchester County boss George Latimer moved his COVID-19 briefings from daily to now twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. So no briefing on the other weekdays, but we do expect to continue to post weekday COVID-19 counts for Rye and Westchester County for the foreseeable future.

For Friday, November 20th, Westchester reported the following City of Rye numbers:

341 total COVID-19 cases since inception;
51 active COVID-19 cases (this assumes the remaining 290 have run the average two week contagion cycle and are no longer active);
1 new COVID-19 cases

Just like everyone else, county executives look at the NY State COVID-19 tracker for county and state level statistics on the pandemic and at the NY State regional  monitoring dashboard to see our progress towards continued reopening.

Important to note expanded reporting now shows fatality data from all nursing homes in the State, including The Osborn in Rye.

The COVID-19 numbers:

Fatalities of Westchester residents: 1,498
Fatalities at Westchester nursing homes – The Osborn Home in Rye is reporting six (6) confirmed COVID-19 deaths and six (6) presumed COVID-19 deaths thru November 18th (that’s no new confirmed deaths since the prior update). There is no data from Rye Manor or Vienna Senior Housing.)
Fatalities in Westchester: 1,638
Numbers of persons tested: 1,003,818
Tested positive: 46,064
% Positive results: 4.6%
Persons tested today: 10,253
New positives today: 392


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