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Police Blotter: Blessings from AAA; Bad Sign; Ranger Rick Collecting Cans & More

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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Blessings from AAA. October 29. Boston Post Road. Disabled Vehicles Church Resurrection, 910 BOSTON POST RD Rye, NY DISABLED VEHICLE I/F/O RESURECTION CHURCH. CAR 18 DISP. Vehicle out of the roadway. Rye Brook Service on scene assisting motorist. No need for Police assistance. 98.

Bad Sign. October 29. Barron Place. Assist Citizen. RESIDENT WANTS TO DOCUMENT SIGNS BEING TAKEN OFF HIS PROPERTY & MISCHIEF. CAR 10 DISP. Sworn statement completed by caller.

Tree DOWN & TV OUT. October 29. Graham Court. Tree Down. Caller reports a down tree and wire across the roadway on Locust Av closer to Granham CT. Car 11 sent. CABLE WIRE AND LIMB MOVED TO SIDE OF RODE. HQ ADVISED TO CONTACT CABLE COMPANY.

V-Rumination. October 29. Kirby Lane. Suspicious Vehicle. Caller reported via 911 that there is a white van that just parked in front of his house. backed 10.

Spooky. October 31. Marriott Courtyard, Midland Avenue. V & T Complaints.  CALLER STATES A DRIVER OF A BLACKK NISSAN FRONTIER IS ALL OVER THE ROAD AND HAS DRIVEN OVER THE CURB. NY _______ near 631 Midland Ave, stopped in traffic. Traffic stop initiated. Vehicles operator appeared to have slurred search. The odor of an alcoholic beverage was not detected. SFSTs were conducted outside of the vehicle. Driver did not show signs of impairment. Driver was released with a warning. 97.

White Jeep, Red Car. October 31. Highland Road / Wappanocca Avenue. Suspicious Vehicle. report of white male in a white jeep possibly looking into cars with a flashlight. Spotted looking into a red car in lot. unfounded all in order goa 98.

Extinguished. October 31. Overlook Place. Assist Rye Fire Department. report of working fire inside home. tot fd. Fire extinguished on arrival. tot FD.

Rocky Situation. November 2. Forest Avenue / Waters Edge. Suspicious Person. caller states unknown male wearing red jacket black pants hopped fence behind waters edge onto the rocks. caller stated party had a backpack and did not look like he was trying to fish on the rocks.

Ranger Rick Collecting Cans. November 2. Vale Place. Animal Acting Rabid. Caller reports a racoon in their recycling. Raccoon is asleep in her trash can. Advised party to release raccoon at night time. 98.

Blown Away. November 3. Overdale Road. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. caller reports excessive blowers. 10-97

Oh Buoy. November 3. Marine Building, Milton Road. Buoy Maintenance. Red buoy #10 off station. Coast Guard aids to navigation notified. States they will retrieve next week.

Buoy, Buoy ’til Spring. November 3. Port Chester Harbor. Buoy Maintenance. At approximately 1400 hrs, removed Port Chester Harbor Entrance speed buoy. Returned to Marine Unit storage area for winter storage.

Bambi vs. Car. November 4. North Street / Summit Avenue. Animal Struck By MV. Caller reports animal in the road by the Ives. deer in roadway. DPW requested. dpw removed deer.

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