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COVID Vaccine Prioritized for The Osborn Home Residents & Staff

Some heartening news as we all head into the Christmas holiday. The Osborn nursing home residents and staff have been prioritized for COVID vaccination by New York State.

Richard Sgaglio, VP at The Osborn, told MyRye.com the facility was contacted this past week by Walgreens. Walgreens and CVS are under contract to administer the vaccine program under State and Federal programs. The first vaccinations for nursing home residents at The Pavilion and nursing home workers will be held at on Monday, January 4th from 10am-6pm. The Osborn offers multiple levels of care and The Osborn Pavilion is its skilled nursing facility on the campus.

“As you know, the vaccine is a two-step process and we have only been advised of the first date for the first group to be vaccinated,” Sgaglio told MyRye.com. “We are waiting to hear when the second round will be.”

Facility residents and staff will be receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The Osborn was told by a Walgreen’s representative that there will be 160 vaccinations available on January 4th. “New York State sets the order for who gets vaccinated first and we are so fortunate that they have prioritized healthcare workers in recognition of their hard work caring for the most vulnerable individuals,” said Sgaglio.


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