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Local Rye COVID Data Still Unavailable

Last Monday we reported that Westchester County was unable to provide local Rye COVID numbers due to “technical difficulties”. The situation has yet to be rectified.

On social media Friday, the County said it was still working on the COVID data:

“Westchester County has suspended sharing the community breakdown map over the last number of days. We are currently trying to get additional and more accurate information to share. Our goal is to have the map more closely align with the New York State Tracker. We are still working on trying to get correct and expand the data, and when we do map distribution will resume.”

Collecting data like this is not easy, but the County remarks Friday prompted 190 comments online – questions about the accuracy of data it has been releasing and a lot of dissatisfaction with what is now a week long information vacuum while COVID is taking off. More curious is the County gets all its data from New York State, so inquiring minds want to know what is actually happening.

Starting today, we will be posting the County level data that is still available from the State. And when local Rye numbers become available again, rest assured we will be sharing them, along with any explanation by the County in regards to the current data outage.


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