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Police Blotter: Bad Cujo; Pepé Le Pew Morte; Trash Panda, In Trash & More

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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Can You Hear Me Now? December 3. Bulkley Manor. Utility-Wire Down. WIRE DOWN AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS. CAR 12 DISP. Wire from pole to 15 down. Spoke with resident, she has power and cable. Appears to be an out of order phone line, resident will call to have addressed.

Cujo. December 3. Fenton Street / Haven Avenue. Animal Bite. A PARTY BEING ATTACKED BY A DOG. UNITS 18, 14, & 12. EMS DISPATCHED. TOURNIQUET APPLIED BY PO ANJO.

Bad Cujo. December 3. Rye Town Park / Dearborn Avenue. Animal Bite. Walk in report of dog attacked in RTP.

Twists & Turns. December 4. Blind Brook Lane / Purchase Street. Suspicious Vehicle. Caller reports a dark gray sedan driving erratically southbound on Purchase St.

Pepé Le Pew Morte. December 4. I-95 / Midland Avenue. Animal Complaints-Other Animal.  I-95. Caller reports injured skunk. PO Calcagni disp. DEAD.

Where There is Smoke. December 4. Purchase Street / Theodore Fremd. Fire. Caller reports smoke / possible fire near train tracks. Stated people in orange jackets attempting to extinguish. second call reporting an explosion. 60 control notified to dispatch FD.

Leave Me in Peace & Quiet. December 4. Midland Avenue. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. Multiple Leaf blowers. PO Calcagni Disp. Re dispatched to car 10. goa 98.

Bad. December 4. Locust Avenue / Mead Place. Caller reports a loose Husky in the area and is afraid it will run into traffic.

Bambi Down. Permanently. December 4. Boston Post Road / Johnson Place. Caller reports that she observed a deer on the south bound side of US1 south of marshlands in distress. She thinks it was hit by a car. Deer is dead. DPW requested. dpw picked up deer.

Pepé Le Pew Confus. December 5. La Salle Avenue. Animal Complaints-Other Animal. resident states disoriented skunk on her property car # 10 disp. homeowner advised to contact private catcher or rescuer. 98.

And Next Time? December 6. Maple Avenue. Loud Party. caller states loud party at above, reoccurring problem according to caller. SPOKE WITH HOMEOWNERS, THEY ARE GOING TO BE QUIET FOR THE NIGHT. 97/94.

Trash Panda, In Trash. December 7. Hillside Place. Animal Complaints-Other Animal. report of a raccoon stuck in garbage can on rye beach ave. let racoon out of can, racoon on his way.

Hmmm. December 8. Ann Lane. Suspicious Person. Mr. ___ of Ann Ln reports observing two males in dark hoodies and surgical masks looking through his car @ approx 07:00. Left area in a dark “sporty” Audi or Lexus with window tints and tinted plate covers. Caller does not wish to make report at this time. canvassed area neg results. Canvassed surrounding streets negative results.

Lock. Your. Car. Doors. December 10. Grace Church Street. Grand Larceny-4th:Motor 08 E Vehicle Value Exceeds $100. Stolen Overnight. ny ______. sworn statement and owners dep completed.


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