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Rye High Vlogger Surveys Pandemic School Landscape

vlogger Lachman 12-2020

Rye vlogger (video blogger) and Rye High senior Lesley Lachman, who last month interviewed school staff, posted a new video blog where she surveys the pandemic school landscape. While Lachman reports “I really dislike learning from home” she reports on the quantitative and qualitative results of her Instagram polling of fellow students.

Lachman reports on the various poll results such as 87% of her respondents find themselves distracted when learning from home, 20% of her respondents are fully (100%) online and 52% enjoy learning from home. The survey results show some students really struggling with the learning and social situations during the pandemic.

After nearly ten minutes of reporting her findings, Lachman holds out hope. “And for all of you that are struggling – it’s going to get better. COVID is going to end and I have faith for us. So just hold tight it’s going to be done soon.”


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