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19th Annual Polar Plunge Still Cold

19th Annual Ray’s Polar Plunge in Rye, NY on January 1, 2021

(PHOTO: Rye PD gets the prize for the “most prepared” for the annual polar plunge. See more photos below.)

On New Year’s Day Friday, the Westchester Triathlon Committee organized the 19th Annual Ray’s Polar Plunge at Oakland Beach.

For the 19th year running, the water was still cold. Seventy intrepid, fearless and or slightly nuts individuals ran into the Long Island Sound. The group included ten families plunging together, 41 adults and (only!) eight people in the under 21 group. The under 21 group will need to get some more game in 2022.

The event raised funds for CCALS (Compassionate Care ALS), The Challenged Athletes Foundation, SOUL RYEDERS, and Outreach Resurrection.

Of the seventy, 21 were Rye residents, ranging in age 61 to eight. If these are your neighbors, you might consider bringing them some hot chocolate to warm up!

Name Gender Age
Norbert Galligan M 61
Kenneth Malloy M 59
Michael Dailey M 55
Patrick Quinn M 52
Jason Madden M 47
Adrian Deen M 46
Mitch Baruchowitz M 46
Matt Van Arkel M 42
Stephen Thomas M 41
Chris Burke M 40
Brian Finnegan M 40
Anthony Pellarin M 37
Brian Keogh M 36
James Pacala M 35
Braden Baruchowitz M 16
Jack Buttgieg M 16
Nick Maguire M 16
Hannah McGovern F 16
Tom Baruchowitz M 13
B. Baruchowitz M 9
J. Kesavan M 8



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