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Police Blotter: Hole in One Sewer Line; Alarming History & More

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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Press the Exit Button. January 22. North Street. Assist Citizen. caller states she pushed the wrong button on her tv remote control and now her tv is not working right. car 12 sent. cancelled enroute.

Shhh! Please Retire. January 23. Highland Hall Apartments / Purchase Street. Loud Party. Loud Party in Apartment ___. backed 10. Spoke to homeowner who agreed to call it the night.

Hole in One Sewer Line. January 23. Club Road / Highland Drive. Utility-All. SGT. KENNY REPORTS A BACKED UP SEWER LINE IN FRONT OF THE APAWAMIS CLUB. DPW FOREMAN RIGANO RESPONDING. water coming out of drain cover. Sewer line blocked DPW informed.

Shhh! January 23. Midland Avenue. Loud Party. LOUD PARTY AT ABOVE ADDRESS FIRST FLOOR. condition corrected 98. Advised to keep noise down. 98.

Wheel Off. January 26. Old Post Road / Thruway Access Drive. Disabled Vehicles. Right front tire of vehicle came off – vehicle stopped on double yellow line. PO Parker dispatched. Vincent dispatched. disabled in lane on thruway access dr. request vincents. PO gomez to stand by until tow arrives.

Alarming History. January 26. Purchase Street. Alarm-Burglary. USA central station calling in a commercial burglary alarm at location for Rye Historical Society. Alarm indication is front door motion, no contact made with anyone on scene. Operator ID #675. false alarm.

Need Auto Correction. January 26. Davis Avenue / Manursing Avenue. Illegally Parked Vehicle. Caller stated there is a vehicle parked on the corner of Davis and Manursing creating a hazardous condition. parked partially on sidewalk. 10-95.

Blow It Off. January 27. Laurel Street / Orchard Avenue. City Code Violation – Other. Caller reports someone using a snowblower. gerard landscaping. advised to stop use of snowblower.

Can’t Find My I-Phone. January 27. Milton Road / Stuyvesant Avenue. Property Found. I-Phone turned into PO Anderson. attempted to make contact with the owner of the phone, unable to. Called the
numbers that were on the screen, no answers, messages were left in an attempt to make contact with the owner. phone was charged and put into lost and found.

Smelly. January 27. Chamberlain Street. Assist Rye Fire Department. possible smell of smoke. TOT RFD ON SCENE, NO FIRE ODOR COMING FROM INSIDE. 94

Mega Lashes, Minor Alarm. January 27. Purchase Street. Alarm-Burglary. commercial burg. Front door and 1st floor motion. Mega Lashes. cleaning crew set off the alarm in error.

I-was-on-95, Now at Marriott. January 28. Marriott Courtyard / Midland Avenue. Assist Other Police Department. 60 control requesting an ambulance for a vehicle pulled over in the Marriott Parking Lot. Vehicle was involved in a mva accident that happened on I-95, caller complained of back pain. No description of vehicle given or if other car involved is on scene. NYSP, EMS AND RYE FD ON SCENE. NYSP ADVISED THAT THE MVA OCCURRED ON I95. TOT NYSP. mva occurred on i95 assisted nysp with traffic.

Blockage. January 28. Brown Avenue / Centre Street. Road-Blocked. dpw requesting assistance truck is block the roadway on the dead of end centre street cannot get by it truck is unoccupied. VEHICLE WAS MOVED BY OPERATOR, ROADWAY CLEARED. 10-98.


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