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Rye PBA on Police Review Committee Recommendations

Rye Police Officer and City of Rye PBA President Gabe Caputo
Rye Police Officer and City of Rye PBA President Gabe Caputo

The Rye PBA and its president Gabe Caputo has penned an open note on the Rye Police Department Review Committee recommendations. The Rye City Council is expected to consider, and approve, the recommendations on Wednesday evening.

On Tuesday, MyRye.com spoke with Lisa Dominici and Guy Dempsey, co-chairs of the City of Rye Police Review Committee.

The PBA note:

I have no ill will with the process or the exercise to improve our police department. We can and should always strive to do better and improve things both personally and professionally. As a police department we should always look to improve our approach, standards and operations. We can always do better. This is why unlike many departments in NY we set our standards higher than DCJS requires and sought out accredited agency years prior to this exercise.

My part in this exercise is in no way a stamp of approval by the PBA on these recommendations. Nor did I agree with all of the recommendations.

I feel we have laws and rules on the books that cover some of these items already. I also see no reason for an oversight committee of the RPD, as the state and county already have them to investigate wrongful actions by police. I have strong feeling towards having a collaborative effort between police and the community for the purpose of bettering our community/police relationship, so we can meet the needs of our community and not the hot topic in the national news.

It was made very clear to me in the beginning of this endeavor that the police could only have two representatives. Our role would be to be a resource between the police department and the committee. We would have two votes. At the same time there were several individuals with less than favorable opinions of police allowed on it. It appeared that these individuals were people with a personal agenda. With that said, I feel most people on the committee came from a good place and want to better our police department. Hindsight is 20/20. The results are what they are. The real change here will lay with the police commissioner and city manager. It is up to them to read through the results of this exercise and apply appropriately to the needs of the City of Rye Police Department and its residents. I am eager to see what positive change will be made and anxious over items that could affect officer safety.

-Rye PBA President Gabe Caputo


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