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Police Blotter: No Blowhards Please; Land-scraped?; Not Clutch.

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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No Blowhards Please. March 31. Haven Avenue / Winthrop Street. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. multiple blowers and prior to May 1, reports violator is _____. Spoke with worker and advised of city code. Done for the day. 98.

Into the Wind. March 31. Palisade Road. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. multiple leaf blowers. one blower in use. no violations observed 98.

Land-scraped? March 31. Westbank Road. Assist Citizen. complainant having issue with neighbors landscapers damaging her driveway. Spoke with landscaper and advised them not to turn into the neighbors driveway. Landscaper acknowledged and sent on his way. 98.

Oh, Deer? March 31. Edith Read Sanctuary / Playland Parkway. Alarm-Burglary . Edith Reade Sanctuary shed motion sensor. exterior secure. backed 18.

Not Dunkin. April 2. Playland / Thomas Keane Plaza. Assist Other Police Department. WCPD reported that cars were doing donuts in the parking lot. They have a unit on the way and requested assistance.

Infected Friendship, Logging Off. April 3. Theodore Fremd Avenue. Assist Citizen. caller states a dispute occurred at location between two friends over a laptop. ____ stated she would reach out to her friend over laptop. Mother of _________ highly uncooperative did not wish police involvement and will speak to friends parents. ____ did not wish to provide friends name. 98

Check-out. April 4. Marriott Courtyard / 631 Midland Avenue. Noise Complaint. Marriott Concierge requests assistance with noise from a party. backed 12. Parties asked to vacate room – Everyone left without incident.

Not Dunkin, Maybe on a Sugar High. April 6. Playland / Thomas Keane Plaza. Assist Other Police Department. WCPD requests a patrol unit to respond to the Playland parking lot in regards to a vehicle doing donuts and driving erratically. GOA tot county PD.

Not Clutch. April 7. Hammond Road / North Street. Disabled Vehicles. landscape vehicle. ______ has an inoperable clutch. Conducted traffic while awaiting tow and removal. Hannigans dispatched and removed vehicle from roadway. 98.


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