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Rye High Students Research & Profile Rye Veterans

RyeVets White, Eugene M. USArmy-686-2T
Eugene M. White was born in New York in 1923. He lived in Rye at 21 Redfield Street and graduated from Rye High School in 1940. He enlisted and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. His biography was written by Elizabeth Waters.

Three Rye High School student volunteers have published biographies on numerous Rye veterans as part of an ongoing research project at RyeVets.Org. Each student receives 2-3 hours of community service for each biography.

Elizabeth Waters, Caroline Kirby, and Will Puzzuoli have published biographies on a total of five WWII veterans.  Each student was linked to historic archives and other various sources to briefly mine the available information and create a short biography.

Those sources include archived versions of the Daily Item and Rye Chronicle, as well census data, high school yearbooks and military discharge papers called DD-214’s for each individual.  All participants in the project will be cited on the veteran’s page for their authorship.

While more biographies are in progress, here are a few of the biographies the students have had published:

Eugene M. White, 21 Redfield Street, US Army by Elizabeth Waters

Arthur F. Narr, 501 Milton Road, US Navy by Caroline Kirby

John J. Bucco, 35 Grandview Avenue, US Army by Will Puzzuoli

Michael T. Ebetino, 15 W Purdy Avenue, US Army Air Corps, by Will Puzzuoli

David F. Adams, Jr., 236 Purchase Street, US Army Air Corps by Elizabeth Waters

“The entire process took me under 2 hours, spread out over a couple days, but I think that is longer because it was my first time,” said Elizabeth Waters, one of the student researchers. “The instructions were incredibly helpful, and the sample biography was one of the most useful resources. The most difficult part was piecing the information together in a way that felt appropriate, but I think that was partially me being a perfectionist, and the sample came in there to help. On the other hand, the information gathering was much easier than I expected. I was a little nervous at first, but the links helped lay it all out for me.”

RyeVets.org is looking for many more volunteers and high school interns (apply here) to support research and writing of biographies of Rye veterans please contact Dave Ball wdaveball@gmail.com or Chris Maloney chris@ryevets.org.


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