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Two Incidents, Two Stolen Vehicles: Busy Week for Rye PD

Rye PD car chase into backyard 04-21-2021 - 1

It has been a busy week for Rye PD with two stolen vehicles recovered in separate incidents and multiple suspects detained.


We carried news of the first stolen car earlier this week, but now have more details after MyRye.com spoke with Commissioner of Public Safety Rob Falk. The car was originally stolen in Manhattan and used in an armed robbery in New Jersey. Notifications were put out across multiple States and Counties to look for the vehicle.

Around 4:30am Wednesday morning, an alarm was set off on High Street on the Port Chester / Rye border after the vehicle was sighted. The vehicle was then seen by a Rye PD officer. The vehicle drove down Milton Road past Milton Harbor House and onto Old Milton Road where it crashed. Two perpetrators were apprehended by Rye PD  – one youth and one adult – and charged with criminal possession of stolen property. The vehicle was impounded. Other details are being held as multiple agencies are involved in the case.


A second vehicle was recovered from Dearborn Avenue overnight Wednesday after calls into Rye PD. The car was stolen out of White Plains. Three youths – all under age – were detained.

Although Rye PD did not comment, it is often the motive of these folks to search for additional vehicles to steal. So lock your cars at night unless you want to put you, your neighbors and law enforcement at risk.


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