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County Tax Levy Down 3% for Rye

Latimer Tax Levy Rye City

County property tax bills for 2021 are arriving to City of Rye taxpayers, and Rye guy and county boss George Latimer is delivering you a gift. Residents of the City of Rye are seeing a reduction in their tax levy of 3% for Fiscal Year 2021. This comes after a reduction of 4% in Fiscal Year 2020.

A home in the City of Rye worth $2 million in 2020 paid a county tax bill of $6,343.98. Three percent of that is the amount of your gift (your reduction): $190.32. New York State’s equalization process means the tax levy for each jurisdiction is recalculated each year.

“For the past two years, my Administration has delivered real tax relief to the people of Westchester County. City of Rye residents for two consecutive years will have shrinking County tax bills while seeing an increase in the quality of services they receive,” said Latimer, who is a Rye resident himself, living adjacent to Playland. “Make no mistake, we understand the burden County taxpayers face and are hard at work to provide some respite.”

Latimer’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year, 2022, is expected to be proposed this fall.


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