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Police Blotter: Request Extra Care; Home Housed; Mulch To Do About Nothing

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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Request Extra Care. April 28. CVS / 1121 Boston Post Road. Alarm-Burglary. CVS Alarm Central reports losing contact with the store. They request that we check the store for a wire that may be detached or cut. Exterior secure. Backed 18.

Car-put. April 28. Cedar Street / Purchase Street. Disabled Vehicles. caller states her car just stopped working under 95 overpass on purchase st. car 11 sent. BACKED. FD requested to the scene for fluids. Vehicle towed by Vincent’s.

Who let the dogs out? April 29. Milton Road / Playland Parkway. Dog Complaint. loose dog. GOA. 98.

Repo Man 2, Debtors 0. April 30. Maple Avenue – two locations. Repossession Of Vehicles. Mr. ___ of Dezba Recovery Inc. arrived at H.Q. to report that he had successfully repossessed a 2017 Jeep Renegade and a 2016 GMC Sierra from the above location.

Nature Study Class. April 30. Midland School, 341 Midland Avenue. Coyote Sighting. Car 14 reports a coyote sighting in the area of rye rec and midland school. OBSERVED WALKING ACROSS SCHOOL PROPERTY TO THE ANN LN CUL DE SAC. DID NOT APPEAR TO BE SICK OR IN DISTRESS. 98.

Relations Need Repair. April 30. Grapal Street. Neighborhood Trouble. Party states she was threatened by a neighbor’s contractor.

Pulling Up Roots. April 30. Manursing Way / Van Rensselaer. Trespass of Real Property. Party digging up flowers. ______ of __ DR. ADVISED.

Neighborhood Dust Up. May 1. Wappanocca Avenue. Assist Citizen. Caller stated neighbor is cutting stone with a saw resulting in dust on the caller’s house. No contact information provided. no observation of saw being used to cut stone. asked workers if they could use water to limit amount of saw dust. 98.

Please Check Out. May 1. CVS, 1121 Boston Post Road. Assist Citizen. manager requests response due to some unruly teenagers at store. They are reported to be banging on windows and refusing to leave store area. cars 11 and 16 sent. backed.

Checkout Room 344. May 2. Marriott Courtyard / 631 Midland Avenue. Noise Complaint. MARRIOTT CONCIERGE REQUESTS ASSISTANCE WITH LOUD GUESTS. Marriot requested room 344 occupants leave premises, Occupants left no further issues.

AAA False Alarm. May 2. Playland Parkway / Playland Access Drive. Disabled Vehicles. Caller stated there is a truck on the side of the road smoking and possibly on fire. Vehicle not on fire. Off roadway waiting for AAA, 98.

Egg, Cheese & Trouble. May 2. Jerry’s 1000 Boston Post Road. Neighborhood Trouble. Caller stated there were kids fighting in front of Jerrys Post Rd Market. mutual combatants all parties rma see report for further 98.

Home Housed. May 2. Park Avenue. Mv Accident – Hit And Run caller reports someone just drove a car into her home / cars 12,11 and 18 sent. damage at — park ave as well. 11 BACKING. backed 12 98.

Mulch To Do About Nothing. May 3. Vale Place. Civil Matter. homeowner wishes to make statement about mulch.

Raking in Fines? May 5. Milton Road / Sand Street. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers c & h landscaping

Raking in Fines? May 5. Cedar Place / Sylvan Place. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. a vega landscaping


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