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City Storm Update, 9pm Sunday

City update, as of 9pm Sunday:

Rye City Hall Rye, NY

“Henri, moving slowly, is fading for us, but we remain at its outer revolving band of wind and rain. We have been so lucky as against predictions of the tremendous flooding anticipated with the the noon high tide. Even with all that luck, caution in driving is and will remain required with the following areas remaining flooded:
  • Indian Village
  • Kirby Lane South
  • Midland between Cottage Street and Peck
  • Highland Hall Parking lot
  • Playland Parkway under the Boston Post Road
  • Kirby North
  • Wappanocca Ave
Please don’t drive around barricades or through standing water.  Find another way to go or please don’t go. Though our Fire and Police Departments pride themselves on their rescue skills, they will be grateful not to be tested.
As the rain continues, we hope wind gusts remain moderate. Our trees, standing in soaked soil, remain vulnerable to toppling winds — as our electrical system remains vulnerable to falling trees. Standard warning regarding downed wires: just stay away! Con Ed, recently penalized for its Isais performance last year, has crewed up for Henri with capacity that again we hope not to test.
We are watching Bowman Dam and Blind Brook. Though the brook is high, the water behind the dam remains at this writing well below the top of the dam. Storm surge at high tide is a concern for coastal areas as well as for that tidal area of the brook that bears the combination of upstream surge and downstream freshwater volume. We will be much relieved if tonight’s midnight high tide passes without further event.
If all goes as anticipated, then the answer to the question many are asking is yes, there will be regular Monday garbage pickup!
A shout out please to City staff. They prepared for the worst and are standing by in force, ready to help, just when they might most wish to be at home (or on vacation!) with their families.
Mayor Josh Cohn
Useful Contacts:
Con Ed:
1-800-752-6633 or online at www.coned.com (where you can also view service restoration information and the outage map).
Con Edison customers can sign up for text notifications at www.conEd.com/text. Customers can also text REG to OUTAGE (688243) and follow the prompts. You will need to enter your Con Edison account number to complete the registration process. Once you’ve registered, you will not need your account number to report or check the status of a power problem.
1-800-VERIZON (837-4966 landline services) 1-800-922-0204 (wireless services). or visit: https://www.verizon.com/support/residential/service-outage
Residential customer service: 718-860-3513 or https://www.optimum.com/storm and scroll down to “chat”
Non-emergency Rye Police Department:
For true emergencies, please call 911.”


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