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New Local Group Coordinates Flood Recovery Efforts

Some of the same women who launched Operation Pass the Gravy over last Christmas season to provide holiday meals are organizing a new effort to help local residents impacted by Hurricane Ida’s flood waters.

The group, called RyeRelief, is creating an inventory of those who can help by offering manpower or donated goods and those who need assistance. They are also encouraging neighbors to check on each other and offer a helping hand.

The group’s call to action is below, and you can contact them at RyeRelief@gmail.com if you need assistance or can offer help.

Rye Relief group Hurricane Ida 2021
(PHOTO: These local residents are coordinating flood recovery efforts via a new group called Rye Relief.)

We are a group of local Rye community members coordinating with state and local officials to help our neighbors in any way they need.

Please email us at RyeRelief@gmail.com if:

  • You have manpower to offer
  • Need items or have things to donate (most needed are: fans, dehumidifiers, small appliances, black trash bags).
  • If you need help with finding rentals or have a rental to offer

Many people are not able to receive donations at this point so we are trying to identify needs right now.

Many have offered financial support and we will ask you to please hold on to these lovely offers and we will let you know as needs unfold.

Please check in on your neighbors, walk over to see what they need.

  • Walk over to see if your neighbors need help with laundry.
  • If you are going to the market, can someone with no car go with you? Can you pick up items for someone with no time to go?
  • School is delayed, do you have childcare to offer – can you take their kids for a few hours while their parents clean.

Our neighbors need us more than ever – reaching out in person is the best way we can help!


Annie Emily, Cliona Cronin, Steph Gomez, Lynn Halpern, Colleen Margiloff, Kendra Moran, Laura Pellegrini & Viviana Torregrossa


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