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Where I Work: Rye Beach Pharmacy’s Harry Marrero

Where I Work showcases people who work in Rye. The feature is inspired in part by exploring how the pandemic has impacted our work environment and part by wanting to understand how and where people work inside the City of Rye.

Today we meet pharmacist Harry Marrero.

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Where I Work-08-2021- Harry Marrero at his desk
(PHOTO: Marrero at his desk wearing his signature headset)

Your Name: Harry Marrero

Your Company: Rye Beach Pharmacy

MyRye.com: What do you do?

Marrero: Head Pharmacy Technician

Where do you work?

Marrero: I have worked at the desk closest to the patient waiting area at Rye Beach Pharmacy for over 20  years.   It has allowed me to be right in the middle of everything and quickly answer any inquiries.  My desk has also allowed me to develop close relationships with many families over the years.  I’ve laughed and cried with them over the years, plus been here long enough to see their children go from babies to college graduates.

Describe your desk and office.

Marrero: It’s a fast paced pharmacy and my desk is full of labels, folders, prescriptions and papers. I have a printer within arms reach and is constantly full of labels. I wear a headset all day, which allows me to answer more phone calls than I can count. I am blessed to work with a great crew and many of customers appreciate how we try to go the extra step.


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