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Honoring Service: Veteran Norton S. Gedney, World War II

Our reporting on local veterans is a collaboration with RyeVets.org to highlight those from Rye who have served our country across times of war and peace. There are over 2,100 veterans from the City of Rye. Learn more about how you can help research and write biographies of those that have served.

Honoring Service - 08 - 2021 - Norton S Gedney
Norton S Gedney

Norton S Gedney was born in New York in 1921. In Rye his family lived at 306 Beach Ave and were members of the Presbyterian Church. Norton was a Rye High School Graduate, Class of 1937. He enlisted in 1942 and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Date of Birth: 18 Jan 1921
Died On: 20 March 1995
Street Address: 306 Beach Ave
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy

Norton Gedney was born in New Rochelle on 1/18/1921 to Henry B Gedney and Leila Simpson Gedney. In 1940 he was living at 306 Beach Ave in Rye with his Parents, his brothers Jack and Jerry and two Aunts, Kate and Anne The house that Nortons owned was valued aty $8,000 ($152,000 In current day payment). All of the family members were born in New York and were all members of the Rye Presbyterian Church .

Norton graduated Rye High School in 1937. His school interests included the Ping Pong Club, Stamp club, Rye Track and Field, Rye Basketball, Interclass basketball, The Rye Play: “ Queens Husband “, and “Three Cornered Room “.

After graduating from High School, Norton worked for the Scripps Howard Newspapers at Park Avenue in New York City. Miss Marguerite Nesmith was engaged to Norton Gedney in January 1942. He enlisted in the U.S Navy soon after and served on the U.S.S Monticello AP-61.

The USS Monticello was purchased from the Brazillian government in 1942 and sailed north under the escort of the USS Lansdale (DD-426) to Philadelphia for conversion to a troop transport which was completed 10 September 1942. She left New York on 2 November for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa, carrying troops to Casablanca. Returning to New York, she sailed again on 25 December, carrying men for the various commands of the China-Burma-India Theater to Karachi, by way of the Panama Canal, Australia, and Ceylon.

The transport returned to New York on 24 April 1943, carried reinforcements to Oran on two voyages, then sailed from Africa to San Francisco by way of the Panama Canal. Through the first half of 1944, she carried men from San Francisco to Californian ports, Australia, Hawaii, and the burgeoning bases of the South Pacific. In June 1944, she began the first of a series of transatlantic voyages bringing men to win victory in Europe. She reported to New York for an eight-week availability on 20 July 1945 and while there her Navy crew transferred off and were replaced by a Coast Guard crew beginning on 21 July 1945.

Norton Gedney returned home to Rye from the Philippines. He had been given his discharge papers and joined Mrs Gedney and their daughter, Cheryl, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nesmith of Vale Place. Norton and his growing family would move to Pawling NY and later to Florida.

Norton Gedney would pass away on 3/20/1995.

This bio was written by Matthew Franco, RHS 2021.


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