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Jets Coach Saleh Shouts Out Garnet Football & Coach Garr

NY Jets Coach Robert Saleh roues for Rye Garnet Football and Coach Dino Garr 2021-11-26
(PHOTO: New York Jets Coach Robert Saleh shouts out Rye Garnet football and coach Dino Garr at his Friday media conference on November 26, 2021.)

New York Jets football coach Robert Saleh, sporting a Garnet Football short, shouted out the Rye program and long time coach Dino Garr at his press briefing Friday morning. Saleh is know to shout out various high school programs.

“Today we are representing Dino Garr – he is the coach of the week at Garnet Football Rye High School,” said Saleh Friday morning. “His team is in the semis tonight – they are 10-1. He has been there for 40 years, graduated from there – so the Jets are routing you on brother.”

The Garnets play Friday @ 6pm – read the game preview from the OG.

Watch the comment – it is at the beginning of the news conference:



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