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The OG on Rye Football: Garnets vs. Somers at Arlington – Friday, November 12th, 7:00pm

Steve "The OG" Feeney
Steve “The OG” Feeney

Rye Garnets battle Somers at Arlington – tonight, Friday, November 12th, 7:00pm. You can watch the game streaming live.

For the game preview, we turn to the OG:

By Steve “The OG” Feeney

Can’t seem to shake these up-county pachiderms. In years past you wouldn’t be far off if you were to predict eight wins and a playoff berth for the Harrison Huskies, and the Yorktown Husker program has shown intermittent signs of returning to past statewide glory. However two teams with long imbedded histories and all-time coaching excellence have dominated Class A of Section One, only to meet once more in the 2021 Class A final round. You’re right it’s the 10-0 Rye Garnets travelling to the northern reaches of Dutchess County for a “neutral site” finale at Arlington High School matched with the 9-0 Somers Tuskers. These two teams have some history as Rye leads the Silver and Red 10-7-0 (.588 ) in what has become the crem-de-la-crem of Section One Class A Football.

Remember the last time a power failure sent fans home for a Saturday restart? You are right if you guessed Rye @ Somers.

Will this one equal or exceed the excitement and tension of last week’s Mahopac semi-final? Very, very hard to beat that one.

It is extremely rare, if not unprecedented, for the Garnet and Black to be declared by the Journal News Sports Desk underdog and therefore loser in back-to-back contests.

It’s a tough one for the Old Garnet, but he declares it’s the Garnets by the chip of an elephant’s tusk, at Rye 28, Somers 27. Never before have the Garnets been underdogs in consecutive weeks, and Rye doesn’t like that positioning.




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