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The OG on Rye Football: Garnets vs. Somers @ Middletown – Friday, November 26th, 6:00pm

Steve "The OG" Feeney
Steve “The OG” Feeney

Rye Garnets battle the Somers Tuskers at Middletown for a ticket to the Syracuse University Carrier Dome on Friday, November 26th at 6:00pm. You can watch the game streaming live (subscription required!).

For the game preview, we turn to the OG:

By Steve “The OG” Feeney

It’s the crem-de-la-crem of Section One Class A Football featured in a New York State semi-final rematch of the Section One Class A Championship game held just two weeks ago. That Somers 26-23 win featured six lead changes, a kick-off return in dense fog, three bombs by the Garnets and more excitement than a travelling circus of Tuskers. It seems that most of the Rye/Somers contests occur when the most chips are on the table. If scheduled in the regular season the game usually decides either a league championship or a Section One Class A title. You just cannot have a rivalry closer in emotion and on-the-field performance than that of the Garnets and Tuskers. Witness the all-time record of Rye’s 10 wins against Somers 8. Or how about the average number of points per game over the last eleven tussles which arrays at Somers (20.45 ppg) over Rye’s (19.18 ppg) for a razor-thin 1.27 point differential, or less than a field goal per game gap. There are four state championship trophies in cases at both schools with Rye having three (2005/2007/2008) and Somers one (2016). Both teams are basically undefeated with Rye’s (11-1) sole loss due to Somers (11-0) two weeks ago. Both teams were double-digit winners in last week’s quarterfinal round.

It looks like the Journal News Sports Desk will predict Somers as the victor, anointing the Tuskers NYS Eastern Conference Champion. But this Old Garnet detests the Garnets as an underdog. The OG never goes against the Garnet & Black calling this game Rye Garnets 28 – Somers Tuskers 27 flipping the historical one point margin statistic away from Somers to the Garnets side of the scoreboard.

Shall we visit the Syracuse University Carrier Dome? Pack those turkey sandwiches.




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