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Playland to Open Late on June 9th

(PHOTO: Playland - deep in construction mode - in April 2022.)
(PHOTO: Playland – deep in construction mode – in April 2022.)

Playland, now under the care of Standard Amusements, will open for the season on Thursday, June 9th. The new June 9th opening day replaces the original May 21st opening day.

Standard Amusements says the delayed opening is due to an unprecedented amount of construction, renovation, and improvements at the Park.

“We’re excited for visitors to see all the hard work that has gone into revitalizing this beloved community treasure,” said Ernie Blundell, Standard Amusement’s general manager of Playland.

When visitors arrive this year, Standard says visitors will get a preview of what the future will hold for Playland Amusement Park once all upgrades are complete. On Opening Day, visitors will discover updates to the Park including three new bathroom facilities, a new arcade, and new Midway Games.

Later this summer, Standard Amusements will debut a new plaza fountain show, three new rides, and three additional Midway Games. Construction will resume in the fall on the new colonnades, the plaza retail store, and the plaza restaurant.

This season, Playland will be open each weekend between opening day (June 9th) through June 21st, daily between June 21st and September 6th, and weekends only from September 9th through September 25th.


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