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Honoring Service: Fallen Veteran Daniel F. Donahue, Vietnam War

Our reporting on local veterans is a collaboration with RyeVets.org to highlight those from Rye who have served our country across times of war and peace. There are over 2,100 veterans from the City of Rye. Learn more about how you can help research and write biographies of those that have served.

Honoring Service - 05 - 2023 - Daniel F. Donahue
Daniel F. Donahue

Daniel F. Donahue was born in Rye, NY September 22, 1930, he was the son of Thomas F. and Mary Balls Donohue. William lived with his parents and 10 siblings (Mary, Veronica, Margaret, Doris, Eleanor, Edward, Gloria, Thomas, Vincetta and William) on 37 Elm Street and were members of the Church of the Resurrection. Daniel was a graduate of Resurrection Grammar School and Rye High School, class of 1948.

Date of Birth: 9/22/1930
Died On: 6/21/1963
Street Address: 37 Elm Street
Branch of Service: U.S. Air Force- Korea

Daniel enlisted in 1950 and served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. After the war, Daniel continued his career in the Air Force. He married Claudette Waeber and they had three children.

Having served for over 13 years, Daniel was a Master Sergeant stationed at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, MA. Daniel was one of a four man crew on a KC135 jet tanker. He was on a routine refueling training mission when tragedy struck.

The tanker was returning to base and crashed in a rural wooded area three miles from base. Daniel was killed in the crash and his three crew mates were hospitalized and they all survived.

Below is a scan of The Daily Item, featuring the passing of Daniel F. Donahue. Dated Saturday, June 22, 1963.

The Daily Item - Daniel F. Donahue
The Daily Item – Daniel F. Donahue


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