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The OG on Rye Football: Garnets Host the Lakeland Hornets, Friday, Sept 8th @ 7:00pm

(PHOTO" Steve “The OG” Feeney in the press box at Rye High School's Nugent Stadium, 2022.)
(PHOTO: Steve “The OG” Feeney in the press box at Rye High School’s Nugent Stadium, 2022.)

It is Friday night lights for the Gemstones as they host the Lakeland Hornets at Nugent Stadium at 7:00pm Friday. Out of town? Watch the game.

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For the game preview, we turn to the Steve “The OG” Feeney:


This week the Garnets host fellow Section One Class A drop-out, the LAKELAND HORNETS. You see, in the annual “nose-count” survey of student population for ‘23/’24 athletic competition classification purposes, Rye, Lakeland, Nyack and Sleepy Hollow were dropped down a notch from Class A to Class B, with Rye just a mere ten heads below the demarcation line between Class A and Class B. In the 2022 campaign the Garnets buzzed-up to the “Hornets Hive” in Shrub Oak as Class A adversaries. 2023 finds the rematch to be between Class B foes.

The Green and Gold, having dominated their in-district rival, the Walter Panas Panthers in last week’s season-opener, are angry bees looking to avenge last season’s 35-0 stinging by the Garnets. These vespine wasps are close relatives to the yellow jackets (as in Georgia Tech) and pack a stinging wallop. It’s the LAKELAND HORNETS buzzing with excitement as upset honey dreams drip from the hive. Stingers sharp, legs loaded with pollen, the Green and Gold seek to sting their way into the win column – presently trailing Rye without a win in the series at (3-0-0 1.000 ).

TODAY’S SCIENCE LESSON: Hornets build communal nests by chewing wood into a papery pulp. The hive is headed by a single Queen and has a population of up to 700 drones. Fortunately on Friday night, the LAKELAND HORNETS are only allowed eleven on the field simultaneously.


Hornets Stumble Hornets Mumble

Lakeland Fumbles Lakeland Tumbles

Hornets Grumble Hornets not Humble

Lakeland Crumbles Lakeland Bumbles

Garnets Rumble 28-7


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