MyRye.com was founded in 2006 to celebrate the place we call home–Rye, New York.

Our daily updates can be on the annual little league parade or the Halloween window painting on Purchase Street, news from our schools, city council or local businesses, activity from our police and fire, achievements of our local residents, updates on the real estate market and events from Rye’s myriad of community groups.

In addition to our own reports, we host a myriad of guest writers–from the heads of Rye community groups writing on Rye history to State, County and City officials writing about issues of the day.

Jay Sears, Publisher, MyRye.com
Jay Sears is the owner and publisher of MyRye.com

MyRye.com is published by twenty-year resident Jay Sears. He lives in Rye with his wife Lauren and their three sons, Ethan (RHS ‘17), Noah (RHS ‘19) and Jonathan (RHS ‘21).

In addition to MyRye.com, Jay has an accomplished career helping to run companies in the high tech and media sectors.

He has raised funds through his Team Dayā ( दया) group to build primary schools in remote impoverished places around the world to fight illiteracy and poverty. Sears is also an avid traveler, boater and birdwatcher.