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I Wish The Parking Meters Took $75 Once Year

The new parking meters in Rye (the RCBD–Rye Central Business District) are irritating. I don’t care how many consulting reports were done. One of the charming things about downtown Rye is it does not look like Central Avenue and until now did not have parking meters.

Out to the car, find my change, find the parking machine, get the ticket (after the lady in front of me figures out how to use the ticket machine), go back to the car, put on dashboard. Oh yeah, do this with three children. And add the occasional snowstorm. Can you re-do the above study and figure out how much time and irritation you have caused all of us?

Is there some big parking meter somewhere where I can bring the the big coin jar on my bureau and pour in $75 worth of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and be done with this for the entire year? Micro-payments with EZ Pass? Some alternative to this coin drudgery?

Let’s underwrite a study and why we should remove the meters…

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