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Rye Marshlands Conservancy is for the Birds

The Marshlands Conservancy is a hidden gem in clear sight. At 150+ acres running from the Post Road in Rye (adjacent to the Rye Golf Club) down to the Long Island Sound, you can find forest, fields, shoreline and salt water marsh. This is a mecca for birders, but is also terrific for hikes or walks. The John Jay House is located on the same property (all owned by Westchester County Parks) and if you know where to look, you can find the Jay family graveyard.

You will see birds of all sizes including plenty of wild turkeys and if you are lucky a massive great white owl (last year I was lucky enough to see the owl and its fluffy white baby owlet). Deer are also common.

Look the these photos. And these from winter 2004 (scroll down).

See you on the trail…



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