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Your Good Fortune (Cookie)

Keeping up on the quest for good food delivered, add Szechuan Garden on Halstead Avenue in Harrison to your list. We put up with pretty dreadful Chinese food for a couple years. Then we found David Chen’s in Armonk that for some crazy reason was willing to deliver all the way to Rye (great place to bring the kids–the downstairs room shows children’s videos and there is room for them to run around). Anyway, Mr. Chen’s accountant must of sat him down and explained:

gas + car + employee time > $30 order

No more David Chen’s delivery. It was another dark period until we were tipped off to Szechuan Garden.

The Garden has take out and delivery ($15 minimum), no sit down (maybe there is a table in there, but no restaurant). All the food is excellent, but our favorite and a real crowd pleaser is:

#120 Singapore Style Mei Fun (Chicken, Shrimp & Roast Pork in Curry Sauce) $8.75



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