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Fahey: If Konigsberg Won’t Sell Bowman Avenue Property, We’ll Take It

Rye City Councilman Matt Fahey is fed up and is not going to take it any more.

Responding to MyRye.com’s story yesterday on Rye Brook’s approval of Kip Konigsberg’s Bowman Avenue development, Fahey posted a comment on MyRye.com suggesting public officials use eminent domain the seize Konigsberg’s Bowman Avenue Property to protect Rye residents downstream from flooding. Fahey:

When asked, our county representatives did not want to pursue eminent domain, believing they could negotiate with Konigsberg to achieve a mutually agreeable solution. This option has failed. What is needed is a politician willing to do the difficult – but right – task of ensuring the hundreds of downstream families won’t pay collective hundreds of millions in flood damage so that a single property owner can profit by this sale.

Fahey’s full comment can be read here. Looks like George Latimer and Judy Myers might be drinking a lot of coffee this Saturday with Rye Flood Action Committee members and Fahey.



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