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Half a Ton of Halloween Fun

Dsc08787_2Roy Aletti of Harrison is out of his gord.

We are not sure what you do when they start to rot, but right now Aletti is having a ton of fun. And so are the various spectators that pass his house at 50 Parsons Street in Harrison, just outside of Rye City limits.

Dsc08789Known for his over the top Christmas decorations which have required him to install 25 extra circut breakers in his home, Alletti does not let any holiday go by, including Halloween.

By MyRye.com’s estimates, Alletti has over three–yes that’s the number that comes after two–tons of Dsc08794_4  pumpkins in his front yard. That includes the "King Pumpkin" weighing in at 1,263 pounds. Now that is scary…

Pumpkin pie anyone?


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