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Real Estate Update November 2007

Single Family Homes in Rye (week ending 11/5/07):

-On the market: 59

– In contract:  9

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One hundred single family homes have sold in Rye in the past six months, compared to 99 during the same time period last year. 26% of the sales were under $1,000,000 for an average sales price of $843,281.  In the $1,000,000+ category, there have been 74 sales, with an average price of $2,222,973.

*Data per WPMLS 5/5/07-11/05/07 RCSD & RNSD only.

On the Market: The Value of the Rye Golf Club

I was walking with my dog alongside the path of the Rye Golf Club course the other day, now that the weather has gotten colder and the golfers less frequent. I have a soft spot in my heart for for Rye Golf.  Although I am not much of a golfer myself, my parents met playing golf and it was always a part of my family life growing up. I held my wedding reception at RGC’s Whitby Castle long before I lived in the neighborhood, and as a real estate agent, I truly appreciate what an advantage it is to have this club as an asset to Rye residents. The club’s full golf course and pool facilities play a significant part in supporting our property values.

Rye_golf_course_eldredge_back_view_The privately owned Rye Woods Golf Club was purchased by the City of Rye in 1965, primarily for residents, yet does not receive any financial support from the city.  It is operated as a municipally owned member only club supported by user fees.

Rye City residents all have the opportunity to join while non-residents may participate in a lottery for remaining spots. The Rye Golf Club offers a variety of memberships:

  • Individual Daily Golf (golf for one person) 2007 Rates: resident $2,890; non-resident $5,725
  • Family Pool (pool for entire family) 2007 Rates: resident $1,363; non-resident $2,704
  • Comprehensive (golf and pool for entire family) 2007 Rates: resident $4,247; non-resident $8,410

There are other membership categories for weekday golf, juniors and a new category for seniors. The restaurant at Whitby Castle is open to the public.

Whitby Castle was built in 1853 as a private residence and designed by the prominent architect Alexander Jackson Davis, who designed Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown.

Although other communities along the Sound Shore offer public beach access or a town pool facility, Rye is unique to have a 127 acre golf course as well. Lake Isle in Eastchester – not on the water- is one of the few communities with a similar setup.

The golf course also makes for a great area for sledding and cross country skiing in winter!

As I mentioned in last month’s post (A Great View for Less), having the Rye Golf Club as a backdrop for many of our local streets lends an aura of peace and serenity to the neighborhood and serves as a haven for natural wildlife. I currently have a house listed at 9 Eldredge Court that backs up to the course, and during a public open house on a recent Sunday, I stood transfixed for a moment looking out the kitchen window at the array of fall colors and genteel golfers on the 3rd hole. I know RGC played into my decision to choose Rye over surrounding communities when I moved here from Port Chester in 1994, and continues to be a factor for my clients to consider when choosing Rye.

Written by Judy Croughan, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Coldwell Banker/ Country Properties.


  1. I am a young professional, originally from Upstate NY. I have been renting and/or working in Westchester for a grand total of two and a half years. It has been a tough adjustment, but I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else anytime soon. Currently, I live on Milton Point. I value a short commute – living in Rye, working in White Plains – and would love to buy a place of my own, preferably in Rye. The small town feel and natural beauty are what have attracted me to Rye… but I’d like to avoid being a hermit.

    Where are the other young professionals?!?

    It seems as though the only young people left in NY state live in Manhattan (with Upstate’s job market being completely dead). If I didn’t love my job in White Plains so much that is where I’d be, too. Maybe I’m misled. Is Rye more than a bedroom community?

    Could anyone comment as to where like-minded, nature-loving young professionals might be hiding?

    Remember, a short commute to my job in White Plains is key (it’s a quality of life thing).

    I’d greatly appreciate any comments. Manhattan is calling me.



  2. Adam,

    I just sold a co-op on Theodore Fremd to a young professional who choose Rye for the popular restaurants/nightspots in town like Ruby’s and for the great commute to N.Y.C. You have the beach,the Marshlands, Rye Golf and Rye Nature Center for outdoor recreation.


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