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Rye Schools Have a “Super”(indendent) Shine, According to Journal News

Gold_starA teacher will praise a child for doing well.

Now Rye parents will need to heap some praise on Rye school superintendent Ed Shine for earning another gold star. Back in November, Rye schools ranked #52 in the nation in the US News rankings.

School_tax_monopolyNow the Journal News, in a report last week, called Rye one of the "better buys for your tax dollar". Rye was just one of five Westchester school districts singled out in the report. The other districts were Ardsley, Eastchester, Pleasantville and Somers.

The report analyzed test scores and tax bills to determine relative value for money spent.

Shine told the Journal News: "We are a community that values education."

More resources:

Video of Journal News reporter Diana Costello reporting on Rye Schools

Profile of the Rye City school district (data from 2005, source: New York State Department of Education, 2005 Statewide Fiscal Profiles) :

Unreserved fund balance $1,424,721
State aid revenue $2,523,468
STAR $4,364,064
Total state revenue $6,887,532
Local revenue $50,725,857
Federal Revenue $618,555
Total All Revenue $58,231,944
Board of Education $2,075,955
Central Administration $1,191,175
Teacher salaries $21,633,035
Pupil services salaries $1,441,752
Curriculum support salaries $1,760,323
BOCES instructional expenses $693,171
Tuition to other districts $525,686
Other tuition $25,345
Other instructional salaries $4,439,682
Other instructional expenses $3,339,701
Community service $63,860
Operations and maintenance $4,220,108
Teacher retirement $1,983,478
Health $5,658,926
Other employee benefits $2,963,995
Other undistributed $607,966
Other $17,084
Subtotal $52,641,242
Transportation $666,314
Debt service principle $2,781,235
Debt service interest $1,189,342
Total expenses $57,278,133
Average daily membership 2,780
Revenue per pupil $20,947
Expense per pupil $20,604
Property wealth per pupil 1,471,947
Income per total wealth pupil 638,134
Combined wealth ratio 4.816
Per fringe benefits 0.1696


  1. Shine should not take any credit for any of the accolades the district received. He has absolutely no commitment to the development and progress of the school system and has consistently been an obstructionist in getting things done. Everyone in Rye is counting down the days until he retires, and can’t wait to be relieved of his vindictive ways.


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