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Public Access TV and Our Founding Fathers

After American history week on MyRye.com, it is only appropriate that former Rye Mayor and election analysis emcee John Carey is back tomorrow with his Rye TV show, “Rye Pundits View the [Presidential] Candidates”.

Perhaps Caey will discuss what Rye’s John Jay and some of the other Founding Fathers would think of our current state of politics. Carey guest George Bulow, scheduled for the March 1st show, told MyRye.com:

"The Founding Fathers were profoundly concerned about allowing any leader too much power, so they divided it in multiple ways as a means of preventing anyone from becoming a tyrant.  The slowness and difficulty of taking seeming public “wants” or “needs” and translating them into law, is arduous for a very good reason: the process allows all parties to have some say in its ultimate resolutions and funding."

We feel like we are back in political science class. A new episode of “Rye Pundits View the Candidates” airs each and every Saturday this February and into March on Rye TV Channel 76 at ten minutes after 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm.

Carey has lots of local Rye notables scheduled to be on the show:

Aired Saturday, February 16th
Maurio Sax, former Rye Democratic City Chairman (former teacher, Rye High School)
David Moore (a founder of the Rye Arts Center in 1960)
Jack Bowen, Republican
Bertrand de Frondeville

Airing on Saturday, February 23rd
Peter Jovanovich (husband of Robin Jovanovich, publisher of the Rye Record)
Mitch Silver, Democrat

Taping on the 27th, Airing on Saturday, March 1st
Mary Louise Reid, Democrat
Emil Dominianni, Democrat (a former law partner of Carey)
George Bulow, Democrat
Bertrand de Frondeville, Independent

Taping on March 5th, Airing on Saturday, March 8th
Peter Thomas (high school teacher)
Judd Rothstein (drama teacher, Rye High School)
Bertrand de Frondeville, Independent
Peter Jovanovich (husband of Robin Jovanovich, publisher of the Rye Record)

Taping on March 12th, Airing on Saturday, March 15th
Paul Hicks, Republican

Anyone interested in being a guest on the show should email  JnCarey (AT) westnet (DOT) com.


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