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Latimer Trivia Contest Answer

George_latimer_auctioneer(PHOTO: The MyRye.com reader in the back has it!… Assemblyman George Latimer. Courtesy Larchmont Gazette). We had some great reader comments yesterday trying to untangle Assemblyman George Latimer’s trivia challenge: driving a car, plot a route from Port Chester through Rye into Harrison where you do not pass through a traffic light.

Here is the answer:

Grace Church Street, Port Chester into
Grace Church Street, Rye
Left onto Kirby Lane
Right through the Westchester Country Club Beach Club parking lot
Right onto Manursing Way
Right onto Forest Ave.
Left onto Manursing Ave.
Left onto Cedar
Right onto Sylvan — you could go to Goldwin and doubleback on Midland
Left onto Midland Ave.
Right onto Palisade
Around the Circle, head south on Milton Road
Right onto Parsons — you could also use Rectory St.
Left onto the Boston Post Rd.
Right onto Old Post Rd
Left onto North St
Right onto Playland Access Rd
Left onto Theall Rd (when its not under construction)
Right onto Osborn Rd. — or you could go right on Garver Dr. (near Con
Ed) and then turn left onto Theodore Fremd
straight into Harrison when you cross the Beaver Swamp Brook bridge


  1. Isn’t there a light at the intersection of Osborn and Theodore Fremd? But yes, even so, you are in Harrison when you cross the Beaver Swamp Brook on Osborn. Nonetheless, I stand by my route! Thanks for the contest.


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