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Smoking Gun: Health Inspector Cafeteria Reports on MyRye.com

Last Sunday, April 20th, the Journal News ran a story about Rye schools flunking Westchester County Department of Health inspections. At the request of MyRye.com, Journal News reporter Ernie Garcia has provided MyRye.com with copies of the original health inspector reports from various Rye school cafeteria inspections.

Rye_inspection_report_3Of the 21 inspector reports provided, at least six of the reports are classified as "unacceptable". Comments range from "ceilings must be painted" to "all kitchen equipment must be washed down" to "kitchen floor not clean under equipment".

One report from November 2006 reports on "Red – Critical Items" at the Milton School following a construction inspection. "Red – Critical Items" are described on the health report: "These items relate directly to factors which lead to foodborne illnesses". The remainder of the various infractions are less serious "Blue Items".

It all sounds like homeland security’s threat level index. View copies of the health inspection reports.


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