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Lego Show at Stamford Nature Center

If you think your kids are good at Lego, go check out Nathan Sawaya. Nathan is not in your kids’ pre-school class. He is a full time (adult) Lego artist. Really.

Dsc01644Thru August 17th, you can see Sawaya’s show: "Nathan Sawaya: the Art of the Brick" at the Stamford Nature Center’s Bendel Mansion Museum Galleries. There are numerous Lego sculptures, portraits, a massive dinosaur and a train city. Check out MyRye.com’s complete photo album from the Sawaya Leo show. The nature center describes the show as:

"New York-based "brick artist" Nathan Sawaya has elevated LEGO® construction to an art form. Besides recreating objects and buildings – which he does, brilliantly – Sawaya uses the LEGO® brick as other artist’s use canvas, stone, or clay: to express himself and to challenge viewers to interpret his creations. His amazing "Red, Yellow, and Blue" series explores emotion through the human form, reaching an artistic level not usually associated with a toy. Sawaya has been featured on some of the biggest talk shows around including The Today Show, Late Night with David Letterman and The Colbert Report. His works are on display in major museums across the country."

Go to the Stamford Nature Center site from more information and visit Nathan Sawaya’s site if you want a quote on a Lego family portrait.


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