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Mayor Otis Finger Paints for a Good Cause

Public officials are known to do a lot of things. But who else has a mayor that finger paints?

Twig_1_bobby_first_comm_europe_silkThe Twig of Westchester County hosted a “Hands of Appreciation Day” on May 31st at the Rye-Rye Brook-Port Chester EMS headquarters at 417 Ellendale in Port Chester. Children, adults and mayors were invited to place a painted hand print on the outside wall of the building in a show of community spirit and appreciation for all the EMS does for the community. Twenty-five families attended the event and 100 hand prints went up on the wall.

Twig_2_bobby_first_comm_europe_silk(PHOTO: Rye Mayor Steve Otis "Lends a Hand") The Twig of Westchester County has raised over $200,000 during the last fiscal year, allowing EMS to purchase two new ambulances and a number of other pieces of critical equipment, including a County Emergency Service radio. Twig has also donated $20,000 to Open Door Family Medical Centers and $25,000 to the Harrison EMS. Twig is a local non-profit, founded in 1911 to support healthcare organizations in our community.  Twig, with 300 members, previously supported United Hospital before it closed in 2005 and now primarily supports EMS and Open Door.


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