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(White) Rock On! Traffic Safety, Sidewalks and Rocks Focus of Workshop Wednesday June 18th

The Rye City Council is holding a special workshop this Wednesday, June 18th at 7pm in the city council room at City Hall and you are invited. Emceed by City Planner Christian Miller, the workshop is an interactive discussion with Rye citizens and city council to discuss on potential traffic safety and sidewalk projects along Oakland Beach Avenue and Forrest Avenue.

Rocks_on_side_of_road_img00094_2(PHOTO: Rocks (like these on Forrest Avenue) placed in the city-owned right-of-way by abutting land owners can pose a safety hazard for pedestrians and motorists alike. Right-of-way issues throughout Rye City will be one of the topics for Wednesday’s workshop.) Also on the agenda: those large rocks—painted white—that some homeowners feel compelled to place by the side of the road. Those rocks usually sit on the city’s “right-or-way” areas – the strip between roadways and private property lines. Something tells us some folks want those white rocks moved.

So if you love your white rocks, if you hate your neighbors’ white rocks or if you think you should be able to safely walk, run and bike in Rye, head down to city hall Wednesday.


  1. Rocks – white or not – have been a roadside fixture in Rye for literally centuries.

    Everyone would I’m sure like to have an unbroken stretch of grass in the ROW zone but life (in the form of strangers automobile tires) happens. When cars tear up the street side landscaping turf you work hard to maintain at your expense then how pray tell and who pray tell will come to the homeowner’s defense?

    Nobody wants a mud hole in front of their house like the one in front of the Forest Avenue pumping station. Oh wait, a mud hole is what the city council has told Bob Schubert he better get used to, mosquitoes and all. I think I’ll bring some rocks to the council meeting Wednesday night for the council members to sit on if they so chose.


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